Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

Wondering why your steering wheel is shaking when driving around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside? Learn how you can identify exactly what may be the cause of this vibration and how our technicians here at Sussman Mazda can help you fix the problem.

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Tires Are Unbalanced

TireIf you are cruising along the highway and you notice that your steering wheel is starting to shake, the tires may be out of alignment or unbalanced. When they are, the weight of the vehicle isn’t properly distributed, which causes a less smooth feel while driving.

To see if it is the tires that are causing your steering wheel to shake, you can first stop and inspect the them yourself. If they aren’t properly aligned, you may see that they are starting to wear unevenly.

If this is the case, the vibration is a result of that uneven wearing and you’ll want to stop by to have our technicians rotate or possibly replace the tires as well as make sure they are correctly aligned and balanced.

Warped Brake Rotors

Do you notice this shaking when you push down on the brakes? If so, this is a sign there is an issue with the braking system. More specifically, this could mean the brake rotors are warped.

Over time, the brake rotors become worn and need to be replaced. Although the rotors typically wear at an even rate, sharp and sudden braking can cause specific parts of the rotor to wear faster. This creates a warped surface instead of the round shape they start out as.

Due to this, the pads don’t have a smooth surface to help you stop and give you the sensation that your car is vibrating when you are braking. You’ll want to have your brakes inspected as soon as possible and probably will need to have the rotors replaced.

An Issue with the Suspension

Brake PetalYour car’s suspension is an important aspect of its overall performance since it helps give you a smooth ride while also keeping your car in control. If you notice the shaking happening even at low speeds, it can mean there is a problem within the suspension that is preventing it from doing its job.

Since there are so many moving components a part of your vehicle’s suspension, the quickest way to identify what part is causing this vibration is to have our trained technicians inspect your vehicle. With the latest tools they have at their disposal, they will be able to find exactly which part of the suspension needs to be repaired.

Come Have Your Shaking Issue Fixed by Our Technicians

We hope this helps you narrow down to the root cause of your shaking steering wheel. If you think your brake rotors need to be replaced or the wheels are unbalanced, our trained technicians here at Sussman Mazda will be happy to help.

Just schedule an appointment with our service center and let us determine what exactly is causing your steering wheel to shake so we can get your car back to safely and smoothly driving you around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside. Contact us today!

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