What Is Tire Rot?

What is Tire Rot?If your tires seem to be cracking and drying out, then you may be experiencing what is known as tire rot. Since this can affect the performance of your car when riding around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside, it’s important to have your vehicle serviced if you notice any tire rot.

Below, our team at Sussman Mazda explains how to stay on top of your tire maintenance, what to look for when seeing if your tries are rotted, and ways to prevent your tires from rotting too fast. Also, don’t forget to check out our Parts Center to learn about your options for new tires!

How to Tell if My Tires Are Rotting

You’ll want to inspect all aspects of your tires often. This includes seeing if there’s enough pressure in them and checking the tread depth on each tire. You also will want to look at the condition of the tire and check for any signs of rot.

What is Tire Rot?

If you notice any cracks or pieces of rubber falling off, this is an indication that your tires may be beginning to rot. You may also notice that the color of your tires is fading. This is a sign that they are drying out, which is another symptom of tire rot.

Getting Tire Rot Fixed

Have you noticed any of these signs when inspecting your tires? If that’s the case, we have a team of technicians here at our dealership who can help take care of the issue and replace your tires if needed.

If a replacement is necessary, we have a stock of tires from all the major brands. This means we’ll be able to find the exact tire that’s meant for your particular model. Our trained technicians can even properly install them and make sure they’re filled with the right amount of air pressure.

We can also rotate your tires when needed. This will help keep them from wearing unevenly, which will keep them in great shape for more miles.

Ways to Help Prevent Tire Rot

What is Tire Rot?In order to help try and stop your tires from rotting, you’ll first need to understand what can cause tires to rot. The rubber that tires are made of isn’t meant to handle exposure to extreme temperatures. When there’s a heat wave during the summer or it’s the middle of a cold winter stretch, keeping your car inside the garage or even under shade can help keep them from rotting.

Also driving your car around prevents the tires from aging too quickly. When the car is just sitting there and not being used, it’s causing deterioration to particular areas of the tires. Just a quick drive around the block can go a long way in keeping your tires in safe condition.

One aspect that’s unavoidable is the aging process of tires. Over time, they do become worn and need to be replaced. To always have a stable drive, replacing them before they become rotted will keep your drive smooth and safe.

Need Your Tires Serviced?

If you notice any of these warning signs or need any other routine tire services done, contact our service center and schedule a time to have your tires rotated, replaced, or repaired. Our technicians here at Sussman Mazda will be able to perform any maintenance or repair your tires need, so you can continue to have safe and smooth driving around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside. Feel free to contact us today!

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