Right Tire Pressure for My MAZDA

Right Tire Pressure for My MazdaWhen cruising around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside in your Mazda, you want to make sure your tires have the right amount of pressure in them to give you safe and stable driving.

Therefore, you will want to make sure to fill your tires with air as soon as possible when you notice an alert on your dashboard from the tire pressure warning system. How much air should you be putting in your tires, though? Our team at Sussman Mazda is here to help you figure out the right tire pressure for your Mazda!

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How Much Air Do My Tires Need?

Depending on the vehicle and type of tires you have, the amount of air you will need to fill your tires with will vary. In order to find the exact pressure your tires perform best at you’ll need to look inside the door panel on the driver’s side.

There, you should find a sticker that labels the exact amount of psi, or pounds per square inch, that your tire pressure should be at. Usually this number is around 30 to about 35 psi.

Putting Air in Your Tires

Right Tire Pressure for My MazdaNow that you know how to figure out how much air pressure your tires need, it is time to go ahead and fill them! Luckily, this is a simple task you can do at home or at a nearby gas station that has an air pump.

All you need to do is take off the valve cap on each tire and take a reading. Using a tire gauge, you can see exactly what the pressure is in each tire. Any that are below the appropriate pressure for your specific Mazda, you will then need to fill with air.

Let’s say one of your tires only has 28 psi but the chart on the door panel recommends 33 psi. You will need to use an air compressor or pump and place it over the valve. Then while checking frequently, fill your tire until you get a reading of 33 psi.

By filling your tire with air in intervals, you can prevent over inflation. Then, once the first tire is at the right pressure, fill the rest of them until they also have the proper psi reading.

Why Tire Pressure is Important

Having your tires in their best condition helps give you safe and smooth performance along any road. The right tire pressure, along with the proper amount of tread, makes sure you have stable driving wherever you go.

Right Tire Pressure for My MazdaProperly inflated tires also help improve the fuel economy of your Mazda, and we all enjoy getting the best gas mileage possible out of our vehicles!

Schedule Tire Maintenance at Our Service Center

If you do notice the tire pressure warning light come back on not long after filling up your tires, you may be experiencing a leak in one of your tires. With our professional technicians and advanced equipment, we can check and fix any issues your tires have.

Our technicians here at Sussman Mazda will also be able to inspect to make sure your tire alignment is correct and rotate them to prevent uneven wear. We are here to help make sure your tires are in great shape so you can continue to have smooth, safe, and confident driving around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside!

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