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Oil Service near Philadelphia, PA

Whether you are heading into Center City for a celebratory dinner, seeing a show at The Fillmore, or heading to see the beloved Eagles play at Lincoln Financial Field, you rely on your car to take you wherever you need to go in and around Philadelphia.

As you cruise around the city, you also want to make sure that your vehicle continues to drive safely and smoothly. This is where routine maintenance can help. By staying on schedule with the recommended services your car needs, you can keep your car in great condition and have worn out parts easily replaced before any severe damage is done.

This includes having your engine oil replaced. Luckily if you are in need of an oil change near Philadelphia, our technicians here at Sussman Mazda will be able to take of it for you!

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Why it is Important to Get an Oil Change

Oil Change near Philadelphia, PA The oil in your car’s engine plays an important role in the engine’s overall performance. The oil has two essential jobs. First, it keeps the parts in the engine properly lubricated. Within your engine, there are a lot of moving parts. In order to keep these parts freely moving against one another without grinding against and damaging each other, the oil will continuously lubricate them.

The other role of the oil is to keep things at a safe temperature within the engine. As the parts inside the engine move, they rub against one another and cause friction. This friction will create heat, which the oil will be able to absorb and dissipate.

When the oil breaks down and becomes too old, it isn’t as effective at lubricating the various parts or controlling the temperature inside the engine. This is why we replace the oil when it gets worn out so your engine can continue to smoothly and efficiently operate without experiencing any damage that would need a more complex repair.

Having Your Engine Oil Changed by Our Technicians

To keep your engine in its top shape, you can schedule a time that is convenient for you to have your oil changed. Our trained technicians will be able to quickly flush out the old oil and replace it with high-quality engine oil that is specifically designed for your car.

Our technicians will also make sure to inspect all the components to make sure you aren’t experiencing any leaks and other parts are in great shape. You also can have them complete any other maintenance that is also recommended at this time. If you need your brakes inspected or tires rotated, they will be happy to get this done for you along with your oil change!

How Often Do I Need to Change My Oil?

Dark Oil To answer this question, you will first need to determine what type of oil your car has in it. Conventional oil usually is changed around every 5,000 miles. Synthetic oil can last a little bit longer. This type of oil is typically replaced every 7,500-10,000 miles.

Your daily driving habits and conditions will also play a part in how long your engine oil will last before needing to be changed. The best way to recognize when your vehicle is due for an oil change is to get in the habit of regularly checking your oil. If you notice the levels are low or the color is darker, then you can swing by our service center to get it replaced with the durable and long-lasting oil our technicians use for each of our oil changes.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Our Service Center

Next time you are in need of an oil change near Philadelphia, have our technicians here at Sussman Mazda do it for you. They will take proper care of your vehicle, correctly going through the process of changing your oil. Once they are quickly done with your oil change, you will be back to safely cruising around the city!

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