Local Spotlight: Weinrich’s Bakery

baked goodsWho doesn’t love to make a trip down to their local bakery? In addition to being able to grab a fresh oven-baked roll, a delicious triple-layer cake bursting with chocolate and other flavors, or a cookie or doughnut you can quickly grab on your way to work, a bakery also smells really nice and fresh and there’s a certain magic every time you step inside!

Sometimes it might be hard to choose where to shop. Choose a bakery that is not only family-owned, but a bakery that has been around for over 100 years! Weinrich’s is that bakery!

About Weinrich’s Bakery

BakingWeinrich’s Bakery origins first began in 1919 when Herman Weinrich arrived at Ellis Island from Germany and decided to set up shop. Throughout its 100 years of history and expert baking, Herman Weinrich has operated their bakery in locations such as New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Willow Grove, PA, location has been running ever since 1952 and is still owned and run by the Weinrich family.

Striving every day to ensure their customers receive high-caliber products and excellent customer service, on many days three generations of the Weinrich family can be seen working hard side-by-side.


The Menu

Oreo TorteWeinrich’s Bakery provides a variety of items from breads and rolls to different kinds of cakes, specialty tortes, swiss curls, danishes, mini eclairs, cookies, brownies, and more! For their cakes, they offer layer cakes (vanilla, chocolate, and marble) that come in a variety of sizes, including delicious pound cakes and scrumptious swiss curls that can be filled with raspberry jelly, lemon jelly, fudge, or chocolate chip.

When it comes to specialty tortes, they offer a wide variety with some choices including:

  • Austrian Torte: This torte comes with three layers of chocolate cake, two layers of whipped cream filling, and chocolate poured on top.
  • Oreo Torte: If you like Oreos then this torte will definitely deliver as it comes with three layers of chocolate cake, two layers of Oreo buttercream filling, Oreo buttercream icing, and garnished with Oreo crumble.
  • Cannoli Torte: This torte inspired by the classic cannoli has three layers of chocolate cake, two layers of cannoli cream filling, mini chocolate chips, and mini cannolis.

Some other options include red velvet, danish, coconut cake, Boston cream cake, Salem fudge, and more!

For smaller items, the bakery offers danishes, brownies, butter cookies, petit fours, Hammetash, and more, which, depending on the order, can typically serve anywhere between 12 – 20 people. Additionally, if you’re wanting to switch things up even more, you can choose a miniature tray that comes with your choice of the following:

  • Butter cookies
  • Mini danish
  • Mini cinnamon buns
  • Cream puffs
  • Mini eclairs
  • Brownies

Lastly, for the breads and rolls at the bakery, some options include tea biscuits, large Kaiser rolls, challah bread (plain and with raisins), small knot rolls, and cinnamon raisin bread. Additionally, the bakery provides a variety of rolls, including sesame seed, poppy seed, Kaiser, onion, and plain egg knot rolls that can be specially ordered.

Roll Down to Weinrich’s Today

Roll on down to Weinrich’s Bakery today for a wonderful experience and a tasty treat. You can give them a call to order ahead of time!You can also reach out to the bakery on Facebook or Instagram.