You’ll Want These 3 Companies to Cater Your Every Meal

Let these Companies Cater your Next Event

What’s the most integral part of any successful event? Well, while it’s probably not the food and is actually more related to the overall event planning, maybe it should be. These three stellar catering companies offer different eating experiences and varied catering packages for whatever event you’re putting together.

Be it a corporate dinner, a backyard tailgate, or a summer wedding, any one of these companies will provide you with excellent service and an unforgettable meal.

Close to 50 Years of Family-Owned & Operated Italian Delight

Let these Companies Cater your Next EventEven if you’ve never had an Italian grandmother who cooks enough food to feed four families at a time, you still know that it happens—and that when it happens, you still leave the table dissatisfied with the amount of food that you ate. It’s homemade, almost too rich to finish, but you try to every time. Well, Altamonte’s Italian Market & Deli is sort of like your grandma’s house, but with a catering business attached.

In 1971, Mike and Frances Grispino opened their first butcher shop, which quickly became known for its Italian specialties, spices, and other products that simply weren’t being imported anywhere else in America. The inspiration for the name of Grispino’s market and deli originated from the town where they grew up and sourced their imports.

This is how Altamonte’s Italian Market & Deli blends traditional family recipes and ingredients with an amazing sense of adaptability for any event menu request. Need a 6-foot long hoagie for your family reunion? They surely have it. Some of their most popular foods include delectable meatballs, marinara sauce, and cannoli.

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Make Sure to Double, Maybe Triple Your Order

Good, sustainable and locally sourced food is always a go-to. Luckily, La Prima Catering happens to be one of the premier green catering companies in the Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia areas. Fantastic local partnerships produce some delicious farm-to-table ingredients. Their roasted portobello mushrooms are fantastic, and you could pair that with any one of their soups, from Maryland crab to roasted red pepper or minestrone.

Combine their selection of food with a drive to lessen environmental impact, and it means that not only will your food be beautifully fresh but also served with compostable plates and utensils. What’s really humbling, especially for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint, is that La Prima Catering uses 100% renewable energy to power their kitchens and composts thousands of pounds of food trimmings each week?

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Catering is in the Nuanced Details

Let these Companies Cater your Next EventCasual, upscale, it doesn’t matter at Williamson Caterers because they’ll always bring excellent service and even better food. For over 50 years, they have been providing attentive catering and event management that clients don’t forget. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a picnic, Williamson Caterers have you covered. Their barbeque wedding package is absolutely one of our favorites with wild mushroom tarts, caprese skewers, and mini cheesesteaks—oh, and that’s not even close to a quarter of just the hors d’oeuvres on this menu.

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Contact One, or All, for Your Next Event!

We hope that you enjoyed learning about what these highly regarded catering companies have to offer. Regardless of the type of event you have coming up, reach out to one of these companies to cater your next meal!