Brake Repair near Warminster PA

Brake Repair near Warminster PAYou’re cruising down the highway, and everything is going smoothly. The engine sounds great after its most recent oil change and the transmission easily shifts between gears. However, do you know if your brakes are operating properly? They’re one of the most integral yet often overlooked safety systems and used the thousands of times you hit the brake pedal while driving.

To help drivers around the area keep their brakes running at their best, our automotive professionals at Sussman Mazda put together this helpful guide. It’s full of tips and tricks that’ll help you know when your brakes are due for an inspection or replacement. Keep reading to learn how we can assist you with your next brake repair near Warminster, PA.

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How Often Should I Check My Brakes

Brake Repair near Warminster PACar brakes should be inspected by a certified technician about every 5,000 miles. Luckily, our technicians can perform any of the services your car’s brakes will require once they’ve met the end of their safe operation. These services include brake rotor replacements, pad replacements, and brake line repairs. They can also top off your brake fluid if its too old or running low.

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Worn Brakes: Common Warning Signs


If this light appears on your dashboard, it signifies that your car’s internal computer has detected a possible issue with your braking system. We recommend that you immediately contact your authorized Mazda dealer to have your brakes inspected. Most dealerships should have diagnostic technology to quickly find and correct the specific problem.

Poor Brake Performance

Brake Repair near Warminster PAOne of the more common signs that your brakes require attention is reduced performance. When it starts taking longer to bring your car to a stop after applying brake pressure, it likely indicates that the brakes are almost or entirely worn through and need to be replaced.

As shifts between the distance of the brake pad and rotor aren’t unusual, this could also mean a simple adjustment to improve functionality.

Odd Noises

A loud grinding, whining, or squealing noise coming from your car’s brakes is actually how they let you know when it’s time for new brakes. Almost all brakes have an indicator that’s simply a metal bar which rubs against the steel rotor when the brake pads have worn past a certain depth. It’s suggested that you contact your authorized Mazda to have them looked at and possibly replaced.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Have you noticed your steering wheel or brake pedal vibrating when you apply pressure to stop? If so, then it means that your brakes are improperly aligned. This can result in unnecessary rubbing and increased friction between the brake pad and rotor, wearing them prematurely and unevenly. Another cause of a shaky steering wheel could be brake pads that are nearing the end of their mileage.

Pulling While Driving

This can occur when your car’s brakes are operating unevenly. Brakes that are used in this condition will often wear prematurely and eventually lead to unsafe driving conditions. The pulling will also continue to worsen if your brakes aren’t maintained or replaced.

There are several ways this happens, including misalignment—similar to your wheels—or a malfunctioning brake caliper that doesn’t produce the right amount of force on the pad.

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The next time you find yourself asking, “Where can I take my car for brake repairs?” remember to call the auto professionals at Sussman Mazda. Our certified technicians would be glad to answer any questions you may have while servicing your car. From a simple inspection to a more comprehensive brake repair near Warminster, PA, we have your back.

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